A Nasty Boy

A Nasty Boy films produced, styled, and creatively directed by Richard

In February of 2017, while in law school, Richard Akuson launched A Nasty Boy, an LGBTQ-focused fashion magazine examining otherness in people, culture, and society in response to the Same Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act of Nigeria that was passed in 2014.

Like wildfire, A Nasty Boy caught on internationally scoring widespread praise from CNN, BBC, Guardian UK, Vogue, GQ, i-D (Vice), Dazed, among many other global media platforms; consequently, thrusting Richard into Nigeria’s national consciousness as a LGBTQ+ rights advocate, and the face of a wave of subversive, creative activism across Nigeria.

Through powerful visuals, Richard sparked a national conversation around taboo issues like queerness, gender norms, and toxic masculinity.

Today, A Nasty Boy has inspired a crop of Nigerian creatives who, now more than ever, are boldly pushing back on retrograde cultural norms that are oppressing and suppressing self-expression in Nigeria.